Q & A

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.
TEL: +81-45-663-6677   FAX: +81-45-212-2577
Email: info@f-uchiyama.com
  • Are the machines listed on the website your stock?
  • Yes, all of them are our stock. The machines are located in Yokohama or Osaka in Japan.
  • What kinds of payment methods are available?
  • In principle, we only accept payment by telegram transfer remittance on confirmation to your order.
  • What kinds of transportation systems are available?
  • We usually transport the machines by container or bulk carrier ship.
    In case of shipment by container, we would like to ask you to order by full container load, and our
    offered price would be based on the shipment by full container load.
  • How can we go to your stock yard?
  • Please call us when you would like to inspect the machines by yourselves.
    Most of our stock is located in Yokohama and it takes 10 min. by car from our office.
    Your visit to our office is very welcome and we’ll drive you to our stock yard.
  • How is the condition of machines?
  • Basically, all machines are working condition because we maintained them by ourselves.
    If not, we’ll inform you the bad points of the machines when we offer to you.
    However, all offers from us are without commitment to the condition of the machines.
  • Can you support us if we find the problems after we use the machines?
  • Our stock is inspected/repaired/maintained by ourselves, we are familiared with each machine.
    Even if your machine has problems after the shipment, we can answer your questions with appropriate suggestions.
    If you need spare parts, we can send you the quotation of the parts and consider the best solution with you.
  • Is detailed information of machines such as MODEL, SERIAL NO, YEAR, HOUR and SPEC correct?
  • As far as our experiences and knowledge, we have tried the best efforts to state correct information.
    However, we will not take any responsibility for these information at all.
    If you find errors, please inform us. We’ll check it again and reply to you.